Walt Grover
Series: View Askewniverse
Alias: Walt The Fanboy
Walt Flanagan
Occupation: Comic Books Store Owner
First seen: Mallrats
Last seen: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Created By: Kevin Smith
Actor: Walt Flanagan



Walt 'the Fanboy' Grover has a signature catchphrase; whenever Steve-Dave argues with a character, his comments will be followed by Walt saying "Tell 'em Steve-Dave!"

In Mallrats, Steve-Dave is seen working at the Comic Toast, a comic book store in the Eden Prairie Mall, with Walt being a loyal customer and lackey

Chasing Amy

In a cut scene from Chasing Amy, we see that Pulasti moved the store to its own location. The window of this store was broken by Banky Edwards after he and Walt trashed his comic book, but fixed thanks to a check attached to the trash can Edwards threw at the window, which was worth three times as much as the window itself.


Walt was seen protesting abortion in Dogma.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Walt and Steve-Dave have also appeared Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back in a cut scene in which Steve-Dave tells Brodie Bruce that his comic book store sucks, when Brodie threatens to ban them both he responds "holy shit, unban us, this guy will suck your dick" pushing Walt's head down, Brodie then responds "I'm sure he will" and also angrily leaving the Bluntman and Chronic movie with Steve-Dave complaining about how Hollywood never makes good comic book movies, then Walt adds in with his famous quote "tell em' Steve Dave!" with Steve-Dave angrily replying "Will you stop saying that?!".


Clerks: The Animated Series

Walt make a brief appearances in Clerks: The Animated Series. Mostly in group shots of background characters, in the pilot when Dante and Randal are trying to warn everyone of Leonardo Leonardo's plans, both Steve-Dave and Walt bring up counter points. In the last episode, Walt tells Randal & Dante that they were having a sleep over at Steve-Dave's house and are going to play 'Naked Robbers' with both Randall & Dante looking in shock, Steve-Dave embarrassingly tells them that Naked Robbers was Gene Roddenberry's favorite party game.