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Veronica Loughran
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Occupation: College Student
First seen: Clerks
Last seen: Clerks
Created By: Kevin Smith
Actor: Marilyn Ghigliotti



Veronica, is Dante's girlfriend in the beginning of Clerks. She is currently attending college and frequently makes attempts to encourage Dante to quit his dead-end job at the Quick Stop. Tensions arise between the two during a conversation about sexual relations, when Dante admits to having sex with 12 different women (including Veronica) and Veronica reveals that she performed oral sex on 37 men, including Dante. Later, as an apology, Veronica returns to the Quick Stop with some lasagna for Dante. The relationship ends in a sour note when Randal tells Veronica at the video store that Dante is dumping her to get back with Caitlin, despite the fact that Dante reconsidered this decision; as a result, Veronica storms in at the Quick Stop and attacks Dante before leaving.

Clerks II[]

She does not appear in the sequel, but Randal mentions her in a deleted scene, accusing Dante of only going to college because Veronica forced him to do so. This implies Dante and Veronica got back together after the events of the first film, but subsequently broke up.

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