Series: View Askewniverse
Occupation: Voice of God
First seen: Dogma
Last seen: Dogma
Created By: Kevin Smith
Actor: Alan Rickman



Metatron, the Voice of God, appears to Bethany Sloane and tasks her with preventing Loki and Bartleby's return. Bethany resists the mission, as she lost her faith in God due to her infertility and resultant divorce.

Bethany learns she was chosen for the mission because she is the last relative of Jesus Christ. The group ponders who orchestrated the angels' plan, and Metatron explains that God goes to Earth in human form every now and again to play skee ball, and has gone missing; someone knew enough to incapacitate God but leaving Him alive in a mortal form, and thus be unable to return to Heaven.

Bethany removes the life support, allowing God to escape while inadvertently killing Bethany. In the form of a woman, God manifests at the church before a remorseful Bartleby, and kills him with the power of Her voice. Silent Bob shows up with Bethany's blood-stained corpse. God resurrects Bethany and conceives a child inside her. The heavenly beings return to Heaven, leaving Bethany, Jay and Bob to reflect on events.

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