Lance Dowds
Series: View Askewniverse
Occupation: Internet multi-millionaire
First seen: Clerks II
Last seen: Clerks II
Created By: Kevin Smith
Actor: Jason Lee


Clerks II

Lance Dowds appears in the film Clerks II. He was taunted frequently in high school, earning the nickname "Pickle Fucker" after taking part in a high school hazing which involved the seniors shoving a pickle up his rear end. After graduating, he founded a search engine called and sold it to for $20 million, making him an Internet multi-millionaire. He appears in just one scene where he taunts Dante and Randal, who are still working in dead-end minimum wage jobs, before ordering food from them. In response to Lance's taunts, Randal prepares his food by secretly placing dead flies on the hamburger and using ice from a urinal for the drink. Lance, however, gives the meal to Jay before leaving the restaurant. Jay and Silent Bob are seen eating the meal outside, with Jay asking Silent Bob, "This tastes like piss and flies don't it?"