Cardinal Ignatius Glick
Series: View Askewniverse
Occupation: Cardinal
First seen: Dogma
Last seen: Dogma
Created By: Kevin Smith
Actor: George Carlin



Cardinal Glick is a character from Dogma who was the head minister of a local New Jersey church that is celebrating its centennial. In hopes to get publicity for this event, Glick announces the Catholicism WOW! campaign which he uses to update the Catholic Church for a younger generation. The leading symbol of the campaign is the Buddy Christ, which Glick describes as a more realistic depiction of Jesus Christ than the Christ-on-a-Cross depiction. His campaign is nearly put in jeopardy when the film's main characters Bethany, Rufus and Jay and Silent Bob try to stop the centennial celebration so that the two fallen angels Loki and Bartleby can't carry through with their plenary indulgence plan. Glick refuses to comply due to his needs for the WOW campaign. The two angels do arrive at the celebration and kill all in attendance, including Glick. Whether Glick is resurrected at the end of the film when God uses Her powers to return the church to normal is never explained.