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Brandi Svenning
Series: View Askewniverse
Occupation: College Student
First seen: Mallrats
Last seen: Mallrats
Created By: Kevin Smith
Actor: Claire Forlani

Brandi Svenning is a character in the Askewniverse. appearing as a main character and deuteragonist to T.S. Quint in Mallrats.



T.S. Quint is preparing for a trip to Universal Studios in Florida with Brandi Svenning, during which he plans to propose to her; however, Brandi tells him she cannot go because she has volunteered to fill in as a contestant on Truth or Date, her father's dating game show, and they argue over it and eventually break up.

Jared Svenning, Brandi's father, who is aware of Brodie and T.S's presence at the mall, has the two arrested by LaFours. Jay and Silent Bob are able to rescue Brodie and T.S. and are once again able to evade LaFours. Meanwhile, Brodie and T.S. seek refuge at a local flea market, where they meet local fortune teller Ivannah. T.S. decides to win back Brandi and the two return to the mall. Brodie requests that his friend Tricia Jones retrieve footage of her sexual intercourse with Hamilton. Tricia herself was doing a project in which she had sex with a number of male adults, despite being only 15 years old, for a book about the sex drive of men. Meanwhile, T.S. also persuades Jay and Silent Bob to get two of the game show contestants stoned, which allow him and Brodie to replace them on Truth or Date.

During the show, Brandi recognizes the voices of Brodie and T.S., and an argument ensues between the three while being aired as well as being in front of the crowd. Brodie admits to Brandi that T.S. had spent all day trying to win her back. T.S. then proposes to Brandi, to which she accepts. As the police arrive to arrest T.S. and Brodie after the show is over, Silent Bob plays a sex tape of Hamilton and Jones, which results in Hamilton being arrested. Brodie and Rene renew their relationship as a result.

Ultimate Fate

T.S. and Brandi ultimately get married at Universal Studios when Jaws pops out of the water.