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Banky Edwards is the Tritagonist of Chasing Amy and a supporting character in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Banky Edwards
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Alias: Tracer
Occupation: Comic Book Creator/Inker
First seen: Chasing Amy
Last seen: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Created By: Kevin Smith
Actor: Jason Lee


Before Chasing Amy

It's revealed in a newspaper in the beginning of Chasing Amy that Banky Edwards and Holden McNeil worked as shelf stockers at the Atlantic Highlands Food City before quitting. In 1994 The two then made the critically acclaimed 37, a black and white comic based on their experiences as stockers. The duo then make Bluntman & Chronic that goes for a more immature tone which makes it less successful.

Chasing Amy

Banky is Holden McNeil's lifelong best friend and co-created the smash hit Bluntman & Chronic with him. Banky is very protective of Holden and finds his devotion to Alyssa Jones to be baffling. He also exhibits many examples of ignorant homophobic behavior throughout the film, which eventually leads to him and Holden breaking off their friendship. Holden ultimately gives Banky full creative control on the comic.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Banky returned in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Having received exclusive movie rights for Bluntman and Chronic, Banky has allowed a film adaptation to go through production which sets Jay and Silent Bob on a trip to stop this from taking place. Banky is on set when Jay and Bob arrive, attempting to make Hollywood connections. After arguing with the two stoners while a gun fight is taking place, Banky agrees to give the two of them part of his profits in exchange for the film going through. However, the film turns out to be a huge bomb which effectively ends Edwards' short career. Banky can be seen leaving the movie premiere with Hooper. Banky states that he is ashamed of the project while Hooper says "it was like watching Batman and Robin again.


  • 37 is meant to be an allegory for Clerks. A critically acclaimed indie project about two peoples experiences working as clerks set in black and white.
  • Bluntman & Chronic is meant to be an allegory for Mallrats. A follow up that isn't as well received because of its focus on dumb humour.
  • In a deleted scene from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, it's revealed that Banky is in a homosexual relationship with Hooper.
  • In the same deleted scene, Banky is called a tracer by Collector which leads to a fight between them.