Series: View Askewniverse
First seen: Dogma
Last seen: Dogma
Created By: Kevin Smith
Actor: Jason Lee



The demon Azrael, a former Muse, warns Loki and Bartleby that the forces of Heaven and Hell are attempting to kill them, as Satan will not let them succeed where he has failed and make him look bad.

When Bartleby and Loki reach the church, Bartleby kills everyone attending the celebration. At a nearby bar, Azrael captures the heroes and explains that he is the mastermind behind the Angels' plan; he wants to destroy existence rather than spend eternity in Hell, but he needed to manipulate Bartleby and Loki, as demons cannot become human. Silent Bob kills Azrael with Cardinal Glick's blessed golf club. Serendipity tells Bethany to bless the sink, making the water in the sink holy; Jay, Rufus and Serendipity kill the Stygian Triplets by dunking their heads into the water.